ME AGAIN by Keith Cronin

Do-overs are not a part of life, but I imagine we all wonder from time to time what a do-over would mean for our lives. Cronin’s characters in Me Again have a chance to find out. Two young stroke victims meet in a hospital. His memory is gone. Her personality has changed. They don’t fit in. And they’ll never be the same. But now they’ve got to decide what matters most. Who they were. Or who they want to become (video trailer).

From the moment I crossed paths with Keith on Backspace, I knew he was a writer I would learn from again and again. His posts for Writer Unboxed are informative and inspirational. His feedback on the Backspace forum is a must read for any writer who hopes to cross the finish line to publication. Keith has helped me understand loglines, queries and now with Me Again, he has shown me how to improve me WIP.

He packs a punch on the page. His prose is lean. No excess backstory. Each chapter drops the reader into the midst of action. He avoids long segues and he trusts his readers. As a result, his readers have no problem using their imaginations to connect the dots between scenes because he goes for the jugular in each chapter.

I admit, I was baffled by the cover art, but the payoff was grand. Me Again encompasses the three H’s of exemplary fiction: humor, heart and honesty. A must read no matter what genre you normally hang your reading glasses on.

Read Me Again now.