I Remember Nothing appeared on bookshelves in 2010. If I remember correctly (ha-ha!), I pre-ordered and consumed Ephron’s musings like a child who has just discovered solid food. When I learned of her death on June 26, 2012, I thought there was no better tribute than to reread every morsel she wrote.

A bittersweet read this time, knowing that Ms. Ephron had already been diagnosed with leukemia when she wrote about getting old, and what she would or wouldn’t miss once her time with us was over. My laughter and tears whipped together like a frozen daiquiri—chilling my heart yet warming my soul.

I’ve spoken of Ms. Ephron’s honesty. Her truth skewers us and we rejoice over the fact that we are not alone. Our crazy hopes and our outlandish expectations are shared. But what supersedes the honesty throughout the essays is the presence of courage.

How many of us are willing to expose our secrets to strangers? My guess is few. When confrontation arrives we’d much rather dress our hidden thoughts with a veil than walk them into the spotlight.

I Remember Nothing, like all of Nora Ephron’s written work is a touchstone for humanity. She reminds us to humble ourselves in each other’s presence while rejoicing in our unique quirkiness. So, in memory of Nora, be true, honest, brave and read good books.

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